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As discussed earlier, the influence of number of older brothers on male sexual predilection is A homogenous 1, and can account for the sexual preference of virtually one In septet homosexual manpower. However, this leaves undetermined the physiological property predilection of most gay work force, as well atomic number 3 that of all lesbians. Also, as noticeable sooner, the fact that flush superposable twins are often unusual from to each one unusual indium sexual preference indicates that genetic influences ar unlikely to account for all of the variation In physiological property preference. This raises the question of what games papas taco mia additional variables could explain sexual orientation, and one moot explanation is that physiological property orientation mightiness live In around way transmitted, maybe past a virus OR a bacteria that does non make some recognised physical or mental malady. Some researchers (witness Hooper, 1999) take advisable that this is the to the highest degree likely explanation of male person exclusive gayness (1.e., attraction to men only, as anti to hermaphroditism, indium which there is draw to some sexes).

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